Green Mountain Coffee

Do you like good coffee? What about coffee that does good? Green Mountain Coffee is both fair trade and delicious.

For anyone that doesn’t know what fair trade is, it helps farmers and other workers in developing countries to sell their goods globally. It includes fair labor: workers enjoy safe working conditions, receive a living wage, and prohibits child and slave labor. Many of the profits made from selling fair trade products go back into the local communities. Also, chemicals and other harmful substances aren’t included in these goods. Basically, fair trade benefits everyone, not just the providers!

I was recently able to try Green Mountain coffee through a Bzzcampaign. I was sent a few sample packs of their fair trade coffee, along with some coupons. This coffee was delicious. It was really strong and rich, so much better than my store brand coffee. I definitely won’t feel guilty buying Green Mountain coffee because it helps sustain communities everywhere.



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