Working out

I’ve never been a big fitness fanatic. I usually get tired of most workouts after a while, or make up excuses to not work out. While I have a small bone frame, unfortunately I have a slow metabolism, an endomorph body type, and a mouth full of sweet teeth, so I don’t really have the good fortune that allows me to skip workouts.

Luckily for me, I recently won a package with The Abs Diet for Women book, cookbook and DVD. The cookbook is focused on a menu of power foods like oats, berries and and protein powder. The book is filled with tips to help you eat better and have effective workouts.

Now for the DVD. I’ve tried the ab workouts and the cardio interval workout so far. This program is no joke. The cardio interval workout literally kicked my butt. I can literally feel the muscles not only in my stomach, but my back and legs as well. They are a little sore, but very flexible. This is honestly the best workout I’ve ever had. I love zumba for a regular cardio workout, but to really burn some calories, this cardio interval workout can’t be beat. I guess I could compare it to a shorter turbo kick workout.

Here is a link to buy the DVD if you’re interested. 🙂

The Abs Diet Workout


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